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Nursing Home Complaint Regarding Urinary Tract Infections

Large numbers of nursing home residents end up having catheters placed. Unfortunately, catheter use is strongly associated with the development of urinary tract infections, especially in women. This coupled with poor catheter care practices results in high numbers of nursing home residents developing urinary tract infections. This can result in unnecessary hospitalizations and use of powerful antibiotic medications which carry a whole set of risky side effects.

The applicable federal regulations make it clear that catheter use should be minimized and steps taken to prevent the development of urinary tract infections:

(d) Urinary Incontinence. Based on the resident's comprehensive
assessment, the facility must ensure that:
  (1) A resident who enters the facility without an indwelling catheter 
is not catheterized unless the resident's clinical condition demonstrates
that catheterization was necessary; and
  (2) A resident who is incontinent of bladder receives appropriate 
treatment and services to prevent urinary tract infections and to restore
as much normal bladder function as possible.

42 CFR 483.25(d)

The unnecessary use of a catheter and poor catheter care resulting in the development of a urinary tract infection can serve as a legitimate basis for filing a nursing home complaint with the Illinois Department of Public Health.

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The submission process was easy to use and very straightforward. After submitting my complaint, I received confirmation from the Illinois Dept. of Public Health that they had received my complaint and would be investigating the nursing home.

-S.B., Filed nursing home complaint about Provena McAuley Manor in Aurora Illinois

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